During the winter Vallandry belongs to the top three of the world’s biggest skiing areas. Since 2003 the cabinlift, La Vanoise, has connected the skiing areas La Plagne and Les Arcs. The speed cabinlift covers an area of almost 2 km in 4 minutes. Because of this connection a great skiing are is created, carrying the name Paradiski. With a total 425 km of slopes and containing two glaciers, the Aiguille Rouge and the Bellecote sure are a skiing paradise! The area is located at heights between 1250 and 3250 meters. With two peaks above 3000 meters and 80% of the 240 descents above 2000 meters, snow is practically a guarantee. Vallandry itself is located underneath the tree line. This gives you the opportunity to ski on beautiful paths between many trees back to the village. Vallandry is also very suited for families with children.

But during the wintertime there is so much more to do than just skiing, like cross-country skiing or a dog sleigh ride. You can also go snowshoe hiking, paragliding or climb a frozen waterfall.